One Technology, Multiple Uses


Technologie de stockage universelle

Cosnim is at its heart a universal distributed cloud storage engine. Whether it’s used file storage, object storage or simple databases, all core features such as time-travel, asymmetric cloud replication, zero-trust security, 100% immutable storage, seamless multi-cloud distribution, or serverless operations are available in all applications.

Product Lines

Cosnim develops three main product lines around its core technology:  Copies de secours, which protects existing data against ransomware, accidental erasure and disasters, Online Storage, to share and distribute live file data in a multi-cloud / edge environment using native filesystem interfaces, and APIs to provide advanced data distribution and management services to applications and third-party software.

Cloud Migration

Cosnim helps migrating applications to hybrid or distributed cloud / edge environments by providing transparent data storage services, accessible through standard interfaces such as native filesystems, independently of where the application is running or where the data is physically stored. When combined with PaaS or IaaS technologies such as virtual machines and containers, applications are free to run anywhere, independently of where the data physically is.

Edge / Multi-Cloud Operations

Cosnim’s unique data distribution model allows multiple sources to produce data simultaneously in different locations, while sharing this data seamlessly in a global view with all other parties, without always uploading data back to the cloud. When combined with high-speed local caching, applications can even run simultaneously in multiple locations at near local speeds while seamlessly sharing the same data with other nodes  Ask us for details.


With all the threats we’re exposed to, we need all the tools to protect ourselves. Cosnim protects data by storing everything in immutable storage, whether it’s for backups or live storage, 100% encrypted at at the source, with full end-to-end zero-trust security. This means all your data and metadata remains fully encrypted as soon as it leaves your server, and you never need to share your encryption keys with anyone else, not even to recover from major disasters.

Continuous Data Protection

Your data is continuously protected by Cosnim’s patented infinite time-travel for both backups and live storage, giving you the equivalent of snapshots at almost every possible moment. With a RPO as low as .04 seconds, robust asymmetric replication and instantaneous access to all past data points, you automatically have full continuous data protection, with all the conveniences of live storage.

Long-Term Data Retention

Preserving data for long term needs can be done directly in Cosnim without taking extra copies of data. That’s because time-travel seamlessly integrates with other data protection features to fully preserve long-term archival of your data, instantly, right from within the same storage system. Making and protecting an archive is usually just a matter of tagging and protecting a time-travel point, with no data movement or additional storage, all with the same end-to-end encryption, zero-trust security, replication protection and convenience of otherwise live storage.

Content Distribution (CDN)

Cosnim’s unique mesh technology is perfectly suited for content distribution. That’s because files and fragments are internally identified through Cosnim’s highly efficient mesh bonds instead of actual directory and file names, allowing content to flow freely between distribution nodes, at a fraction of the control network traffic needed by traditional CDN’s. Plus, Cosnim’s unique mesh-based non-invalidating caching ensures distributed data remains continuously and perfectly in sync with the master copy, without the need for invalidation requests, and without needing to continuously check with the master source.

Data Authentication

Tracking who produced data and ensuring it hasn’t been changed is always a challenge. Although immutable storage helps to physically ensure data has not been accidentally or surreptitiously altered, Cosnim’s unique mesh authentication technology also cryptographically certifies and signs data produced by each user, as they are producing it, while also countersigning data produced by other users, giving you the additional proof you need to ensure accountability and comply with data governance policies.

Storage Costs Management

Cosnim helps you control your storage costs in three unique ways:

1. Data capsules that contain your data can be stored and moved to any type of storage, physical, cloud, file-based, object-based, or even database that suits your budget and performance needs. Plus, you’re free to change your mind any time and replicate or migrate data anywhere else, live, with no downtime, making sure you’re never locked in to given provider or specific hardware.

2. Cosnim’s extremely space-efficient design consumes dramatically less storage than traditional snapshot-based technologies, further reducing your costs.

3. By combining live storage, snapshots, backups and long-term data archival within the same storage system, along with automatic deduplication and asymmetric replication protection, Cosnim reduces your total storage footprint even further without losing any features or protection.

Network Optimization

Network latency and bandwidth are increasing concerns in distributed cloud and edge environments where lots of shared data often need to be coordinated and exchanged between nodes and/or cloud. Cosnim increases performance and reduces network traffic by allowing each node to fully cache any amount of data, on any type of storage, and share those caches with other nodes. with full integrity, without any of the traditional network overheads normally needed to manage distributed and cached data. This considerably increases performance and reduces network load, which is especially important in a distributed cloud / edge environment. Ask us for details.

Reach out to us. We’ll be glad to further explore with you your needs and see where Cosnim might help you.