Hyperconverged Distributed Data Storage
Imagine storing data anywhere 100% cloud confidentiality no servers, no appliances time travel

Full Freedom, Total Protection

Patented US 10,705,750
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Multi-Site, Multi-Cloud and Edge Flexibility

Complete Software Defined File Services

Cosnim is a complete file data storage management platform.

Its innovative technology seamlessly delivers fully integrated file storage and data protection services, such as multi-site data distribution, continuous backups and snapshots, long-term data archiving, disaster recovery, online file sharing, data migrations, multi-cloud operations, data certification, ransomware protection and tamper-proof security audits. As a fully distributed, serverless solution, it can leverage any type of storage medium and cloud service, and it works equally well on a single computer, a cloud instance, or in massively distributed environments.

Cosnim’s technology can be used as a back-end infrastructure solution to support your existing applications and software solutions, and will soon be available in the form of Cosnim-branded high-security data protection and storage products.

Protect your data like never before

Full Ransomware and Outages Protection

Cosnim’s technology continuously shields your data everywhere from all common threats using robust asymmetric replication and 100% complete immutable distributed storage, giving you the uptimate in peace of mind, both from disasters and ransomware attacks.

Limitless data Backup, Retention and recovery

Time-Travel: Beyond Continuous Data Protection

Cosnim’s patented technology seamless tracks and protects all changes made to your data, instantly. Explore and access any past data, at any point in time, directly from the filesystem, at the same speed as live storage. It’s as if you had sub-second backups, archives and snapshots available at your fingertipes for every possible moment, with no delays, reconstructions or restores. Time-Travel. There’s nothing like it.

100% Encryption, Quantum-Resistant Zero-Trust

Absolute Cloud Confidentiality

Absolutely everything about your data is encrypted directly on your own devices using quantum-resistant encryption, metadata included, before it’s sent anywhere. Since there are no servers, your data and encryption keys remain 100% private.

The Ultimate Freedom

Store Anywhere. No Servers or Appliances

Store and distribute your data on any type, number, and combination cloud, datacenter and local storage, any way you want. Change your mind at any time, with no vendor lock-in. Everything is managed directly by the software running on your devices and services, giving you maximum freedom and flexibility.

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Fast Integration

All your files are accessible directly through your OS as if it was local storage, wherever your data is actually stored, in the cloud, your datacenter or elsewhere. All transparently, greatly reducing the complexity of accessing or migrating data in any cloud, hybrid or local environment.


Unified Storage

Everything in Cosnim is designed to help you get the most out of your data in the simplest way possible. For example, live storage, backups, snapshots, archives, versionning and replication are all integrated and maintained in a single unified storage system distributed across the cloud and datacenters, greatly simplifying data and storage management.


Cost Reduction

Cosnim’s unique design consumes significantly less raw storage and network egress charges compared to other technologies, helping you better control your costs, both in the cloud and within your datacenter.

Protect Your Data

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