Keep Your Data Safe

Complete Data Protection

Ransomware Protection – Full Immutability

Cosnim stores and organizes your data directly in immutable storage, including metadata and control information, without the use of databases or other vulnerable data sources, This means that when you update, add or delete any type of data, everything is recorded immediately to immutable storage that is unalterable and shielded from ransomware, ensuring maximum protection against attacks, accidental erasures and other types of undesirable alterations.

Multi-Site / Multi-Cloud Resiliency

Cosnim can replicate your data asymmetrically to any type, number, size, and mixture of storage locations for maximum reliability against outages and hardware failures. Contrary to current replication technologies, which tightly replicate data from one site to another and need to keep everything perfectly synchronized, Cosnim replicates and scatters your data to any location that happens to be available, instantly adjusting to outages as they occur. Since Cosnim does not need to resynchronize storage locations after an outage is resolved, this totally eliminates the outage and recovery vulnerabilities of traditional site-to-site replication, ensuring your data’s full integrity and availability even in unstable environments.

Use Any Type of Storage

Cosnim packages your data in universal data capsules that contain everything needed to store and organize your data. Capsules can be stored and replicated absolutely anywhere, on any type and mixture of cloud storage, object-based, files, databases, networked storage (NAS/SAN), SSDs, disks and even flash memory or optical storage, independently of the services they provide. Because capsules are completely autonomous and don’t need external support such as database, catalogs or appliances to function, you’re truly free to store and share your data on any storage medium or service you wish, and change your mind at any time. In fact, you are free to move capsules around from any to any type of storage, live, without any interruption of services, giving you absolute freedom.

True Continuous Data Protection

Cosnim continuously protects your data as it is modified, live, instantly, and transparently. It’s the equivalent of having continuous backups and snapshots in fractions of a second. Small changes are detected and backed up in as little as 0.04 seconds, from the time a file is modified to when it’s fully protected. There’s no need to plan backup schedules, snapshots frequencies or setup complex archival systems, it’s all automatic and fully integrated right into the storage platform.

Time-Travel - Realtime Recovery

Cosnim time-travel is truly unique. You are totally free to go back in time, and instantly examine your entire data history as it existed exactly at any past point in time, down to the microsecond level, with no delays, no restores and no data reconstruction. It’s as if you had instant access to all possible backups and snapshots at your fingertips, directly through the filesystem as live data. Time-travel protection is an always-on feature that works seamlessly and continuously across all types of cloud and local storage, with no additional processing overhead. Seeing is believing. Ask us for a demo.

Confidential, Quantum-Resistant

Your entire data is fully encrypted, 100%, using quantum-resistant encryption, directly on your device, including all metadata and control information, to make sure absolutely everything is fully protected against prying eyes. This means your data is fully protected even if someone steals your cloud credentials or breaches your networked or local storage devices. Plus, since encryption is performed directly on your own devices, you never need to disclose your encryption keys to anybody else under any circumstance, even during major disasters, giving you the utmost data privacy.

Optimal Zero-Trust Security

Many solutions implement zero-trust security in layers; that is, they encrypt your data during transmission but actually decrypt and re-encrypt it along its way to storage in order to process and organize your data. In Cosnim, all data capsules along with their metadata and control information are 100% encrypted directly on your device and remain fully encrypted at every single point during their journey to and from their final storage location, with no intermediary decryption/re-encryption steps, giving you the absolute best zero-trust security with no vulnerability points.

Inviolable Audits

Cosnim tracks absolutely every single change made to your data and gives you complete, inviolable audits of everything that happened in your storage. This gives your security officers instant tamper-proof audits and cyber attack forensic analysis directly from storage, for unsurpassed insights into all update activity.

Secure Serverless Design

Cosnim manages everything in software and can run directly on the machines that need its services, connecting directly to cloud servers, including immutable storage. Unlike other data management solutions, there is no need for external servers, appliances, databases or any other type of support, even when running multi-cloud. This considerably reduces attack surfaces, making both your data and the platform much more secure.