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Fast Integration

Cosnim integrates directly with your operating system and presents itself transparently as a regular local filesystem (Linux, MacOS) or remote share (Windows) giving you seamless access to all Cosnim features without any hassle.

There’s no need to refactor or adapt any of your applications to work in distributed cloud. This is all provided transparently by Cosnim, running directly on the devices and machines you already have.

Quick Installation

Getting onboard with new technology can often be a daunting task, especially with common distributed cloud storage solutions that involve new servers, appliances to install, clusters to configure and not forgetting a solid architecture and planning just to be able to start. Installation and management can get so daunting that some vendors will even propose to install and manage everything for you to save you the headaches.

Cosnim is designed from the ground up with simplicity. Beyond not needing servers and appliances, everything is already integrated into the single software running directly on your devices or machines. Cloud services are accessed directly from software and sharing is managed in-storage, avoiding all the usual complex installations and setups. You only need one very simple configuration file and can be up and running in as little as 30 minutes, will all features available.

Unified Storage

Managing enterprise data usually requires multiple solutions, the filesystem itself, a backup server to copy and  restore data, replication technology such as RAID, SAN mirroring and/or file synchronization software to protect against failures, data management utilities to move and copy data from one location to another, various sharing protocols, tools to package and transmit data to external users. Even file encryption and zero-trust security components are often implemented in different layers.

Because of its unique capsule format, Cosnim naturally incorporates everything you need to manage your data in one simple, unified storage system that seamlessly provides filesystem, backup, snapshots, versioning, replication, resiliency,  data sharing, file exchange, encryption, archival, disaster recovery services data encryption and zero-trust security in an incredibly simple solution. This makes your life a lot easier, and further reduces your TCO.

Simplified Data Management

Managing data in a hybrid or multi cloud environment is a lot of work. Of course migrating an application and its data to cloud for the first time is an exercise in itself; data has to be moved and possibly converted, applications have to be adapted, and the initial migration usually requires careful orchestration and planned downtime. Once in cloud, it’s not over; systems are rarely isolated so they still have to share their data with other systems, which often means copying data over and over again from one location to another, or accessing data remotely which impacts performance and increases network load and costs.

Cosnim’s unique design simplifies data management to the extreme. Data is never converted, it’s packaged once in a universal capsule format and that’s it. You are free to store, scatter and replicate data absolutely anywhere you want, and change your mind anytime, without any complex orchestration or downtime. Cosnim has no central server, no central repository, and automatically accesses your data from the best location, wherever it is. You can move, migrate, rebalance and replicate data capsules as you please and even completely reconfigure your hybrid and multi-cloud storage data storage without any interruptions.

Sharing data with other systems or migrating applications to another environment couldn’t be easier: you just mount the shared storage in both systems or locations and it’s done. Cosnim’s unique non-invalidating caching gives you the maximum efficiency of local storage with the flexibility of distributed cloud storage, without the usual lift-and-move or traditional data synchronizations operations, giving you the best of both worlds, effortlessly.

Reduced Storage Costs

Because of Cosnim’s unique patented data structures, it consumes an impressively lower amount of raw storage than other solutions. For example, when comparing Cosnim’s time-travel with traditional btrfs snapshots, Cosnim consumes up to 70% less storage for the same amount of data, and up to 85% less storage when compared to traditional file synchronization backups, before deduplication. Cosnim’s deduplication feature of course saves even more storageSince time-travel is integrated seamlessly with live storage and available immediately from a single view, wherever the data is actually stored, it also saves all the hassles of having to restore files just to inspect them, saving even more time and further reducing local disk storage requirements.

Of course real savings can vary significantly depending on the exact type of data and usage patterns. With simple metrics we can estimates savings for your own environment. Contact us for details.

Reduced Egress Charges

Most big cloud providers charge you for network traffic one way or another, for data exchanged between systems, regions, or through the Internet. These charges, especially network egress charges for data taken out of a cloud environment are often significantly more expensive than the storage itself and can really add up, especially in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment. 

Cosnim’s unique capsule format and serverless design reduces network egress charges by orders of magnitude, especially when a lot of metadata is involved. For example, when re-synchronizing files between local and remote storage, Cosnim with hyper acceleration consumes up to 93% less network traffic than rsync, the most popular file synchronization tool, saving substantially on network charges and bandwidth. Contact us for details, we can help you estimate how much network egress charges Cosnim could save you in your own environment.