Ultimate Data Protection

True Continuous Backups

Fast Backups, 0.04 Seconds

Cosnim continuously monitors your server and instantly backs up you data as it is modified, live, instantly. Small changes are detected and backed up in as little as 0.04 seconds, from the time a file is modified to when it’s in the backup. With a maximum of 90,000 backup and recovery points per hour, full multi-cloud replication and backup speeds at up to 270 MB/s (bandwidth permitting), Cosnim Backup can reduce your recovery objectives (RPO) to mere fractions of a second.

Time-Travel Recovery

All your backups are fully protected by Cosnim’s time-travel. Browse, access and read files directly from your current backup or any previous backups instantly, as if they were snapshots on a real filesystem, seamlessly through a desktop drive or server mount point. No restores, no access delays, no reconstructions, always available, wherever your backups are physically stored. You don’t even need to open a software window to browse your data. All your backup points appears as regular folders on your Cosnim drive, and you are free to open your files and view them directly in your applications without ever restoring them.


Cosnim runs 100% in software, directly on your protected workstations and servers. It uploads and downloads data directly to and from cloud and/or enterprise storage without any appliances or external servers. The only thing Cosnim needs is a configuration file, some credentials, and direct access to cloud or whatever storage data was written to and that’s it. Cosnim does not need any database or catalog to understand what’s in the backups or where the data is, everything it requires is already in the sealed capsules that were produced during backups, making your data immediately available from wherever you’re accessing or recovering it from.

Ultra-Low Storage Use

Cosnim was designed from the ground up to reduce storage consumption. Cosnim’s unique data encapsulation technology combined with live data deduplication, organize your backup data to look like continuous snapshots, at up to 70% less storage than current compressed snapshot technologies. When your data is being sent to the cloud, this translates directly to immediate cost savings.

Absolute Confidentiality

Absolutely everything about your data is protected with military-grade AES-256 encryption, including all metadata and control information, encrypted and decrypted directly on your protected workstations and servers. Since your data is encrypted the moment it leaves your workstation or server and remains encrypted throughout its lifetime, in transit and at rest, with absolute zero-trust security, your encryption keys also remain 100% private and never, ever, need to be disclosed to anyone, not even to us, under any circumstances.

Full Immutability

Everything in Cosnim is written to immutable storage, giving you the upmost protection against ransomware and disasters. Contrarily to other solutions, Cosnim does not use any databases, external servers or appliances, meaning you always have instantaneous access to your data, even if all your servers have been attacked or lost. Using solely immutable storage, you’re also assured to have access to all your backed-up data, whatever the scope of the breach.

Multi-Cloud Scattering and Replication

Scatter and replicate your backup data as you see fit to further protect yourself from cloud and datacenter outages. Cosnim can store and replicated data capsules absolutely anywhere, cloud object storage, block storage, file storage, network drives, you name it, even databases, in any form and combination. Add, remove and combine storage locations as you wish, migrate and redistribute capsules from any storage to any storage at any time, live, even while your data is being read or backed up, with no hiccups. There’s nothing that gives you more freedom.