One Technology, Multiple Applications


Cosnim is at heart fundamental technology. Due to its unique design, it integrates advanced concepts such as fully decentralized data storage, server-less operations, absolute zero-trust cloud confidentiality, platform agnosticism, extreme reliability, seamless multi-cloud operations and ground-breaking time travel capabilities within a single, highly space-efficient unified storage system with multiple applications. All Cosnim products and solutions are different expressions of the same fundamental core technology.

We develop products and customized solutions for:

  • Distributed Filesystem
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Adoption and Migration
  • Cybersecurity, Ransomware Protection
  • Immutable Storage Management
  • Continuous Snapshots
  • Cloud Encryption and Confidentiality
  • Edge Computing Storage Management
  • Long-Term Data Archival
  • Secure Distributed Cloud Data Sharing
  • Content Distribution Network
  • Data Authentication and Digital Signatures Certification
  • Cloud Costs Reduction

Reach out to us for details. We’ll be glad to explore with you how Cosnim might be the right solution for you.